International painter Daniel Florea has had an extraordinary career in the arts. He created the Bionic Buzzard kite which sold in the hundreds of thousands in the 1980’s, and has painted for the Catholic church both in America and abroad. Dan has set standards for special effects, safety and mural painting for the Painters and Decorators Contractors of America (PDCA). Florea has decorated hotel lobbies and rooms for some of the world’s finest hotels such as Sheraton. He has won national awards and lectured all over the world starting in Bend, Oregon. Florea has shown his work in many of the worlds top museums including the Hermitage and the Museum of Modern Art in New York city. He keeps studios in Cuenca, Ecuador and in Mattole, Israel where he served 20 years as a volunteer on the Lebanon and Syrian border as a forward, Dan is also a decorated veteran of the U.S. arm forces. In Cuenca, he is working on a national show for next year expressing his love of South America and Ecuador. His last U.S. show was a forty-year retrospective of his paintings at the Betty Gray in Sunriver, Oregon. Dan is driving force and one of the founding faculty members of the Willamette Falls School of Art. (WFSOART.COM) After 50 years of professional art, Dan says, I’ve had a enough time to know something about how to teach meaningful art and best practices. One of his subjects he likes to teach is safety and ethics and how to make a living in the art. He welcomes any one who wants a honest unvarnished professional, politically incorrect, yet truthful assessment of a life in the arts. The school, Willamette Falls School of Art is a tuition free art school and every teacher of WFSOART has a history of ten years or more in the arts independent of schools and collages . He / we believe learning about how to make art is critical to happiness. After a life time of work, its time to pass on the tricks of the profession. Art schools have a important place in our world knowing how to make art, but cost of art school and how to succeed at art is critically important to the students.
Dan Florea
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Tim Satterfield Photographer, Designer and Graphic Artist Award winning portraitist, Tim Satterfield, has been creating enticing images for more than 30 years. Making beautiful photographs of individuals and families, and landscapes across Oregon, Arizona and other parts of the West. Tim’s one man show was a breast cancer servivor series in the Arizona State captitol rotunda. Tim also serves as the Dean of Photography at the Willamette Falls School of Art.
Michael David Peterson has a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Sciences from Oregon State University. He has received numerous national awards for his work in a variety of mediums ranging from watercolors and inks, pastels oil and chalk and inks. Michael, a enthusiastic traveler, has traveled and painted throughout the Rocky Mountains, Hawaii, Colorado, California and Oregon, capturing the varying landscapes and its unique relationship to seasonal lighting.
Michael David Peterson
School of Art
Probably the world’s first pop-up art school
B orn in Tillamook, Oregon Marylou Wilhelm has been drawing and painting all her life. Her mother equipped Marylou’s first studio with a desk made from apple crates and boards. Her early supplies included house paint. Between then and her current position as Dean of Watercolor at the Willamette Falls School of Art, Marylou has painted, learned more about painting, and taught painting all the way through her life and through the Western United States and Mexico. She especially enjoys painting en plein air . Marylou was the resident artist in the Port of Tillamook Bay and has supervised the Art Department of the Tillamook County Fair. She was a member of the Tillamook County Art Association and for eight years was a member of the Newport Visual Arts Center. She is a current member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and is painting with a group of artists in La Pine, Oregon. Since 2010, Marylou has lived in Hines, Oregon located in Harney County, the heart of Oregon’s Rural Frontier. She has taught 3-day en plein air workshops in the Steens Mountains as well as one-day outdoor painting workshops at other locations in Harney County including Divine Canyon. She has worked with the Burns Paiute Tribe on art projects. She is a founding member of Gallery 15 in Burns, Oregon and has led drawing, watercolor, and collage workshops at Frontier Art Center in Burns.
Marylou Wilhelm
Terry Brown
TD Brown is an established landscape and abstract expressionist painter, working in acrylics and more recently on polyethylene film. He has appeared in prestigious juried show across the northwest and private collections and has sold a large body of work to commercial clients through the Elizabeth Leach Gallery, the RACC, Portland and the Portland Art Museum Sales Gallery. He has also had several one-man exhibitions including a 40 painting show at Pacific University in Forest Grove. TD Brown also has over two decades of experience of owning and managing art galleries throughout the state of Oregon. He started painting as a hobby in 1980. Became gallery artist at the Omni gallery, 1997-2000. TD has participated in numerous juried shows including shows at the Coos Bay Museum of Art, and Cannon Beach Gallery and Art Association.